For those of you that have been keeping track of us recently you will know that we take what we do very seriously. We understand the nature of what we do can have an adverse affect on the environment, so as per our last post we are committed to planting a tree for every on line order to offset the fact that we sell plastic packing products.

We are constantly looking at ways we can have a more positive impact on the environment, which includes using recycled carboard boxes, recycled plastic bags for smaller items and sourcing more sustainable products such as PCR (post consumer recycled plastic). We already have a small selection of this but we are delighted to add to this range with our new PCR Jerrycans with the recycled plastic being traced back to household’s in The Netherlands.

We could follow in the footsteps of other companies and use industrial recycled plastic which in non technical terms is the rubbish off the floor, but we believe in doing something for the right reason not to tick a box.

You can view our range of PCR (post consumer recycled plastic) products HERE and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news.

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