Label Application


Our Label Application Service can print and apply labels in seconds, reducing the time it takes to complete this task manually.


Our service can accurately print and apply labels to your products, reducing the chances of errors that can result in costly mistakes.


Ensure your products have a consistent look and feel, helping you to maintain your brand image.

Frequently asked Questions

Is there an MOQ?

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 500 per label

I have different products for the same container, can I send more than one label?

Yes but please note, the Minimum Order Quantity is 500 per label.  So you will need to order a minimum of 500 for each style of label you have.

How does it work

Our MOQ is 500 per label.

  1. Choose your container and let us know you’re interested in getting your labels applied
  2. Send your pre-printed labels to us
  3. Wait as CJK applies your labels through automated machines
  4. Receive your fully labelled items
Do you offer batch coding?

Yes we can support application of Batch Coding.  We can also apply Best Before Dates, Barcodes and QR codes.

Do you create labels?

No. We can organise print of labels for you, and apply them to your containers but we don’t assist in anyway with design of your labels..

I already bought my containers elsewhere; can you apply my labels??

Yes! We can still apply your labels. Our labelling machines are universal, and we are happy to provide this service to the wider community.  If you have products outside of our range or have old stock, we would still love to help.

What can I have printed?

We are currently able to apply labels on plastic containers ranging 10ml – 5Litres.  They must be cylindrical or flat sided.

  • Wraparound labels may only be applied to cylindrical containers sized 10ml – 1L (for 1L cylindrical containers, we can accommodate labels to the max dimensions of 150mm height x 260mm width)
  • Singular labels may only be applied labels to flat sided containers sized up to 5L

As for the purpose of your label, we are happy to apply anything, whether its your brand, descriptive or grade labelling!

Are there any of your products that can’t be labelled?

We can not apply labels to our Spout Pouches, or to lids of any jars or bottles

How long does it take?

Each order is different so overall lead time can depend on a few factors. As a starting point, we label 600 bottles an hour.

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