You’ve seen the hype, you’ve tried the sample now it’s time to commit and take your brand to the next level…

With their safe and sleek design, airless pump bottles are an asset to any premium cosmetic, skincare, and makeup brand.

In a nutshell, airless bottles store the product in the dispenser, well – airlessly.  This means the product doesn’t come into contact with air, and therefore it isn’t contaminated, thus achieving a longer shelf life. Airless dispensers are convenient to use, as the inner piston allows the product to be used until the last drop – so there’s no need to hit or shake the bottle to extract the product.

With each pump, your bottle will dispense of amounts of the product in a well-controlled manner. Thanks to this innovative dispensing system, the products stored inside of your bottle will never get in contact with outside air or moist, meaning the quality of your products will stay preserved up until every last bit is used up. With these premium airless pump bottles at your side, your products will never lose their original quality.

For the first-time buyers and those who want to see just how simple this airless-cosmetic malarkey really is – this post is for you. We’ve left our step-by-step guide tips for how to fill an airless bottle below for you to get your products looking neat and sleek in your brand new iBottles packaging.

How to fill an airless bottle:

  1. Remove the lid and pump, and set these to one side
  2. Using a mini spatula, spoon or stick begin to pour your product in to the bottle
  3. Gently tap the bottle to settle the product, making sure no air is trapped inside
  4. Add more product until it is nearly full
  5. Push or screw the pump back on and it is nearly ready to use.  For the first few pumps, you will feel the excess air being pumped out, with your product following after.

Hey Presto!

It’s really that simple. Get your brand looking next level in no time.

If you’re looking for a bottle with functional superiority and a unique and elegant design, our plastic airless pump bottles are a perfect choice for you.

Try our reusable airless cosmetic pump bottles!  Our airless bottles can be reused, you can simply remove the top, and refill it with your favourite product over and over again.

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