What is PCR Plastic Packaging?

CJK are pleased to be expanding our range of PCR Products – available to order in 2 different styles such as our Jerrycan and Swipe bottles, each in a variety of sizes.  An eco-friendly way of packaging, for an eco-conscious world!

Considering switching your packaging to PCR?  Read on to find out why our PCR Range is right for you…

How PCR Plastic is made

PCR Plastic, which stands for post-consumer recycled plastic, is material that is made from post-consumer waste.  PCR packaging is an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for single use plastics that would normally end up in landfill sites.

Benefits of PCR Plastic

PCR plastic is made from plastic we already have and it’s both cost-effective and environmentally friendly – bottles that are just as durable and practical as standard HDPE.  No new fossil resources are required for PCR creation, so in this way it also contributes to the reduction of the CO2-emission, in comparison to standard plastic.

Another advantage of PCR plastic is that it can be recycled again after use.  Due to the multiple types of waste plastic being used during the process, PCR plastic may have a white, or off-white colour – a unique quality to this type of product.

PCR Plastic Uses

Our PCR products cover a wide range of uses, from drinks, creams, and liquids with our Jerrycans to food-safe options with our CO-EX ‘Swipe’ bottles.

Get a quote on Sustainable Packaging

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