4 Reasons To Use Travel Toiletry Solutions 

If you’re anything like us, overpacking tends to be something you do very well.  Forget travel hacks on how to roll your socks, switching to neat toiletry solutions will get your case feeling far more roomy. They are often also lighter on the bank balance, offer leak-proof designs and are sustainable! 

Need more convincing? Here are the top 4 reasons to use travel toiletry solutions on your next trip.

They are reusable

Perfect for trip after trip, fill them up with your favorite product and pop them in your case!  All of our containers come with a detachable lid, making it easy to refill the contents.  If you’re jetting off somewhere, consider the sizes 100ml or under and keep your luggage airport ready! Available in a range of styles and sizes, our travel jars, pots and bottles are the perfect addition to your toiletry kit.  If you’re looking for something sturdy and durable check out our aluminium options, that are sleek as well as practical.

Save case space

Go big or go home, so why not pack small and jet off!  Many cosmetic companies make travel-size versions of their product, but they are not always the smartest buy on the market!  Travel size toiletries are a space saver and did we mention you can keep on re-filling them to take on every journey?  With jars and pots as small as 5ml, you can really reduce the size of your make-up bag for a light trip!

They are leak-proof

Seasoned travelers will be familiar with the occasional *imitates Ross* ‘Major shampoo explosion’ that goes ‘all over everythiiiiiing!’  So it should come as a comfort that there are tried and tested ways to avoid this, and enjoy hassle-free traveling.  Whether you’re storing creams, lotions, powers or other liquids, plastic travel toiletry solutions are designed with secure lids and leak proof designs to prevent spills and leakages. There’s no need to compromise on dispensing either, our White PET Boston range offers a variety of cap options so you can pump, spray or pour just as you normally would!

Sustainable solutions

While you’re being tactical on packing, why not also avoid single use plastics and complete your toiletry bag with reusable travel bottles?  Practical and good for the environment!   That’s right, travel toiletry solutions make it easy to travel, without having to fork out added expense to your fave brands miniatures.  Their smaller size allows you to take just what you need, avoiding needing to buy new miniatures every time they run out.

Sounds good but not sure where to start? Get some ideas from CJK and browse our travel toiletry solutions here

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