How to select the right closure for containers

If you’re in search of the right closure for your containers you’ll be aware of the multiple functions for consideration – such as how the product is dispensed, ease of use, not to mention aesthetic appeal for your branding!  The various styles of lids and caps are suited for different purposes, across industries from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect pour for your new beauty serum, or the easiest open for your next smoothie there’s a cap to suit. 

Not sure where to start?  CJK knows a thing or two about caps, so we’ve put this guide together to give you a better understanding on what closure is right for you. Read on to select the right closure for containers.

Standard closures

Threaded Caps

A classic screw top closure that features a spiral thread to align with the mouth or neck of the container.  Thread caps are applied to the bottle by twisting on to the container and secured with a tight close. Additional prevention for spills and leads can come in the form of inner lids, as with these opaque jars.

Child Resistant Caps

A secure opening mechanism required for certain products, to enable child-proof packaging.  Dual actions are required to remove the cap – applying downward pressure, with a counter-clockwise turn. 

Snap Caps

Also known as a smooth closure, snap caps have no closure grooves and instead will snap into place by sitting on a single ridge.  Once closed the product is securely sealed inside the container.  Snap caps are fully removable, which allows the content to flow out smoothly.

Dispensing closures


A springed push down mechanism to evenly release contents such as lotions and creams through a dip tube.  Airless (dip-free) solutions are also available, like the ones in our airless collection


Also known as atomisers, spray tops are available in trigger or push down and allow a balanced application of product through a springed push down mechanism.  Nozzle styles offer varied dispenses, such as fine mist or powerful jet spray.

Dropper Caps and Plugs

A funnel style dispense, designed to concentrate the product flow and reduce portions.  Controlled or streaming plugs available. Caps and plugs are usually separate, but can come complete as with these 10ml tip inserted dropper bottles.

Disc Top Caps

The fitted opening is released when the end usually labelled ‘press’ is pushed down. Pressing down on the opposite side will conceal the opening again for a secure close, preventing product distribution. Perfect for hand sanitisers, like these 50ml bottles in our range.

Still have questions on what’s right for your product?  CJK is your source for closures. We stock a variety of packaging solutions and have a suggested closure for every product.  Speak to our team about cap compatibility for your packaging.

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