Plastic Jar PP Screw Top Shallow (EDGE) – 200ml, 350ml, 500ml

Black or White PP Screw Top Shallow Plastic Jar

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


This black or white PP Screw Top Shallow Plastic Jar, is a perfect product for a wide range of uses. Such as cosmetics, creams, powders, CBD and much more.

With no MOQ and fast turn around times, it is the ideal solution for your contents.

Below is more information about this product including the capacity, colour etc. If you need further information on this product we would be happy to help you.

As we don’t know what you will be putting in this plastic PP jar, we do recommend having a sample first to test the compatibility with your contents. To do this please select the size you require and click the enquire now section in the table below. Alternatively, if you would rather speak to an experienced member of staff, go to the Contact us page and give us a call. We will then be happy to send a sample free of charge.

Please recycle/reuse this jar after use.


Reference No.CapacityBrimful Volume (ml)ColourBody Diameter Ø (mm)Cap Size (mm)Height without Closure (mm)Weight (g)Box QuantityEnquire
PJAR-00.020-WE-RD-EDGE200 ml198White90904534360Enquire now
PJAR-00.035-WE-RD-EDGE350 ml364White90907044360Enquire now
PJAR-00.050-WE-RD-EDGE500 ml503White90909548360Enquire now
PJAR-00.020-BK-RD-EDGE200ml198Black90904534360Enquire now
PJAR-00.035-BK-RD-EDGE350ml364Black90907044360Enquire now
PJAR-00.050-BK-RD-EDGE500ml503Black90909548360Enquire now


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Additional information


Cosmetics, creams, powders, CBD





Barrier Bottle


Tamper Evident


Child Resistant


UN Approved