Wide Neck Plastic Wash Bottle Series 303 LDPE – 250ml, 500ml

Wide Neck Plastic Wash Bottle Series 303 LDPE


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Laboratory safety wash bottles with printed contents and hazard symbols in German, English and French. Leakproof. Abrasion-resistant printing. Completely emptied by sliding delivery tube, even when inverted.

With no MOQ and fast turn around times, it is the ideal solution for your contents.

Below is more information about this product including the capacity, colour etc. If you need further information on this product we would be happy to help you.

As we don’t know what you will be putting in this Laboratory safety wash bottles, we do recommend having a sample first to test the compatibility with your contents. To do this please select the size you require and click the enquire now section in the table below. Alternatively, if you would rather speak to an experienced member of staff, go to the Contact us page and give us a call. We will then be happy to send a sample free of charge.

Please recycle this bottle after use. 


Reference No.CapacityDescriptionBody Diameter Ø (mm)Neck I.D. (mm)Cap Size (mm)Height without Closure (mm)Box QuantityEnquire
303-770020250 mlPrinted 'ACETONE' - Red Closure6430.840120150Enquire now
303-770019250 mlPrinted 'DISTILLED WATER' - Blue Closure6430.840120150Enquire now
303-770016250 mlPrinted 'ETHANOL' - Green Closure6430.840120150Enquire now
303-770018250 mlPrinted 'METHANOL' - Orange Closure6430.840120150Enquire now
303-770017250 mlPrinted 'ISOPROPANOL' - Yellow Closure6430.840120150Enquire now
303-770022500 mlPrinted 'ISOPROPANOL - Yellow Closure7739.250154100Enquire now
303-770021500 mlPrinted 'ETHANOL' - Green Closure7739.250154100Enquire now
303-770023500 mlPrinted 'METHANOL' - Orange Closure7739.250154100Enquire now
303-770025500 mlPrinted 'ACETONE' - Red Closure7739.250154100Enquire now
303-770024500 mlPrinted 'DISTILLED WATER' - Blue Closure7739.250154100Enquire now


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The delivery nozzle is designed to give an accurate fine controlled stream of liquid, Liquids, Wash bottle





Barrier Bottle


Child Resistant


UN Approved


Induction Heat Seal