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Plastic Juice Bottles PET – 250ml, 300ml, 330ml, 500ml, 1ltr

Plastic Juice Bottles PET


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Plastic Juice Bottles are manufactured in clear PET, these decorative juice bottles are available in various shapes and sizes

With no MOQ and fast turn around times, it is the ideal solution for your contents.

Below is more information about this product including the capacity, colour etc. If you need further information on this product we would be happy to help you.

As we don’t know what you will be putting in this Plastic Juice Bottles, we do recommend having a sample first to test the compatibility with your contents. To do this please select the size you require and click the enquire now section in the table below. Alternatively, if you would rather speak to an experienced member of staff, go to the Contact us page and give us a call. We will then be happy to send a sample free of charge.

Please recycle this bottle after use. 


Reference No.CapacityBody Diameter Ø (mm)Cap Size (mm)Height without Closure (mm)Weight (g)Box QuantityEnquire
JRC00.25-CR021-34MT-JUICE250 ml50x503414621330Enquire now
JRC00.25-CR019-38MT-NECTAR250ml50x503815018330Enquire now
JRC00.25-CR020-34MT-JUICE-SQ.250 ml53 x 533413421330Enquire now
JRC00.25-CR020-38MT-FRESH-SQ.250ml55x553813721330Enquire now
JRC00.30-CR020-34MT-JUICE-SQ.300 ml53 x 533415525300Enquire now
JRC00.33-CR021-34MT-JUICE330ml58x583416122300Enquire now
JRC00.50-CR029-38MT-NECTAR500ml63x633819030192Enquire now
JRC00.50-CR026-34MT-JUICE-SQ.500 ml60 x 603419526192Enquire now
JRC00.5-CR028-34MT-JUICE500 ml65x653419029192Enquire now
JRC01-CR039-34MT-JUICE1000ml81x81342403990Enquire now
JRC01-CR038-34MT-JUICE-SQ.1000 ml77 x 77342473890Enquire now
JRC01-CR038-38MT-NECTAR1000ml77x77382553790Enquire now
JRC001-CR039-38MT-FRESH-SQ.1000ml77x77382423990Enquire now


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Fruit Juices, Smoothies, Yoghurt Drinks, Soft Drinks, Syrups




Round, Square

Barrier Bottle


Tamper Evident


Child Resistant


UN Approved


Induction Heat Seal