Small Plastic Buckets/Pails – 500ml, 1ltr, 2.5ltr, 4ltr, 5ltr

Small Plastic Buckets/Pails


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Small Plastic Buckets/Pails. Economy packaging solution for many powders and pastes.

With no MOQ and fast turn around times, it is the ideal solution for your contents.

Below is more information about this product including the capacity, colour etc. If you need further information on this product we would be happy to help you.

As we don’t know what you will be putting in these Small Plastic Buckets/Pails, we do recommend having a sample first to test the compatibility with your contents. To do this please select the size you require and click the enquire now section in the table below. Alternatively, if you would rather speak to an experienced member of staff, go to the Contact us page and give us a call. We will then be happy to send a sample free of charge.

Please recycle this bucket after use.


Reference No.CapacityBrimful Volume (ltr)DescriptionColourTop Diameter Ø (mm)Base Diameter Ø (mm)Height w/o Lid (mm)Enquire
P00.5-WE-RD-PH500 ml0.7Plastic HandleWhite10086102Enquire now
PG01-WE-RD-PH1 Litre1.3Plastic HandleWhite132105131Enquire now
PG02.5-WE-RD-PH2.5 Litre3.3Plastic HandleWhite200170138Enquire now
P02.5-NL-WE-RD-PH2.5 LitrePlastic HandleNaturalEnquire now
PG04.-WE-RD-MH4 Litre4.1Plastic HandleWhite225198124Enquire now
PG04.-WE-RD-PH4 Litre4.1Plastic HandleWhite225198124Enquire now
PG05-WE-RD-PH5 Litre6.1Plastic HandleWhite227189194Enquire now
PG05-NL-RD-PH5 Litre6.1Plastic HandleNatural227189194Enquire now
PG05-WE-RD-MH5 Litre6.1Plastic HandleWhite227189194Enquire now


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Barrier Bottle


Tamper Evident


Child Resistant


UN Approved


Induction Heat Seal